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Surveys and Historic Districts

Knapp Architects has led a range of evaluations and compliance processes for projects affecting historic districts and precincts. This included determination of the boundaries and historical significance of districts, nomination of districts, evaluation of impacts on districts from demolition and substantial new construction, and collaboration with a design or planning team to control the effects of change.

In addition, our firm has consulted with the City of Danville on several projects affecting key sites in its downtown core. We provided studies for UC Berkeley for two projects in the foothill zone of the campus which would affect California Memorial Stadium and the Greek Theatre. The firm has also provided evaluations under the California Environmental Act (CEQA) for numerous properties in San Francisco located in or near historic districts or sites considered potentially eligible as districts. These studies examined the potential eligibility for historical listing of a geographical area – or in some cases a type of similar properties which were not contiguous; the character and boundaries of districts; and the effect proposed projects would have on the districts. Our firm brings to these projects nuanced understanding of the nature of a district, the factors which determine how a project would fit into the district, and the documentation and regulations that apply to districts.

City of Martinez, USGS photo