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Military Bases

Knapp Architects takes a special interest in districts and similar historic properties which are larger, more complex, and more challenging than single buildings or small sites. We also relish the challenge of adaptive use and projects which strive to overcome technical, programmatic, and economic hurdles in extending the life and cultural presence of historic properties. Military base conversions provide a rewarding combination of these opportunities and constraints. Our firm's experience offers effective research and evaluation of historical topics, a clear sense of the important issues in reuse projects, and a practical approach to buildings and sites – skills which can make an important contribution to military base conversions.

We served as preservation consultant to Upstream Point Molate LLC and the Guidiville Band of Pomo Indians, the developer and owner of which are collaborating with the City of Richmond to redevelop the Point Molate Fuel Depot in Contra Costa County. This project combined multilayered history and constraints with rare opportunities. Our work includes adding depth to limited historical documentation of a complex and significantly altered site, and working with a project team which is responding to a wide range of stakeholders.

Knapp Architects was hired to assist the City of Sunnyvale and its consultant team in assessing the historical significance of Onizuka Air Force Base, a post-World War II resource slated for base closure. In charting economic opportunities for reuse, the city also wanted to understand the historical and cultural potential of this Modernist complex. The Golden Gate National Parks Association and National Park Service tapped our firm for architectural services in rehabilitating Building 507 at Fort Baker for use as a park office.

Another project assessment was for the 27 building Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant in the San Joaquin Valley. The 1942 plant, which originally produced aluminum, was closed in 2005 as part of an overall military base realignment.

Conversion of the 403-acre Naval Station Treasure Island from military use to an urban landscape required an EIR which Knapp Architects contributed the HRE section. The man-made island's new architecture will also include three large historic structures dating from the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition.

Point Molate, Richmond